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    I have not read any of Tony Oz's books. I have always assumed that they were Nasdaq oriented. I only trade listed but will eventually trade both.

    Are these books worth reading?
    Are they only about OTC trading?

    I have read many books on the subject of trading. I find most to be the same exact info in different words. It is very rare that you find a book that is orginal and fresh. Most of these books were written in response to the "daytrading" phenomenon in the nineties just to make a buck or two.

    The worst books I ever purchased:

    1) Stock Patterns for Day Trading: You should have seen the look on my face when I first opened this book after waiting a month for it to be delivered. This book should have been written in gold for the price they charged..because the information was worthless. Barry Rudd is putz. But he got my money.
    2) Hit and Run II: I bought this book because the first one was one of the best books I have ever read on the subject. I read the first one early in my career and it opened my eyes to new setups. The second one had no new ideas..they were the same setups as the first one with less rules. I can not complain though because the first book paid for the second many times over.

  2. I have attended a Tony Oz seminar that was very worthwhile and eye opening. He is a great trader.

    The Stock Trader How I trade for a living. IS absolutely incredible. Worth every penny.

  3. I think they are worth reading, but ...

    The Wizard book is outdated! The scans are worth the price of the book to me, but I really can't recommend spending 100 bucks on that book. It is a beginner level II type of book.

    The Stock Trader Book is good, but it gets very technical at times. The story is great, so I guess it worth the 50 bucks.

    The Building Blocks to Successful Day Trading is my favorite book out of the three he wrote.

    As I said in my previous posts, I will never discourage anyone from buying any book, but I think it would be smart to order these books through or Traders Library, so you can return them if you don't like them.

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    Thanx for the quick responses. I will definitely get them. I'm probably going to wait a few months to trade OTC. I'll let the dust settle with Supersoes. Basically it is no rush . I will do plenty research and take it slow...while I focus on my "bread and butter"(NYSE).

    Does anyone have experience with Watcher or RediPlus? Which do you prefer?

    Thanx again.
  5. Personally I like Watcher much better than Redi+. I do use RealTick though. Watcher is faster, but I like RealTick charting and scanning capabilities.

  6. Highly recommend Tony Oz's books, there are so many garbage daytrading books written these days, it is nice to see someone who actually knows what he is talking about.

  7. I agree with Sniper. I would choose Watcher over Redi. I also would choose Realtick over both of those.

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    Can you elaborate on what scanning features you like in Realtick III?


  9. I use for scanning with RealTick. I run the scanning formulas from Oz's Wizard book which I tweaked to my style of trading.

    Gotta run catch a plane. Be back in a month. Now that I'm out of the game, feel free to make tons of money, but when I come back, you better be prepared to give me some back :)

    Good trading everyone,