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  1. When prop firms extend an offer without requiring any initial contribution, is it given that you will have to pay back any amount lost before you can earn anything in the plus? for eg., if i lose $1000 initially and subsequently make $2000, will $1000 be automatically deducted from my earnings? This may sound like an ignorant question but, are there any firms that will bear your loss? (Perhaps in exchange for higher commission)

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    You should check to see if you will be personally responsible for any losses. If that is the case then move on to another firm. there are firms out there that, in exchange for a higher %, will eat any losses.
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    It really depends on the firm....some do ...some don't...make sure you are clear on that point and don't assume anything!....our firm will cover <some> of our trader's losses "but" it is a case by case basis and it depends under what structure an individual joins a firm too, is he retail trader, proprietary equities trader, proprietary futures etc...

    just my .02 cents, good luck to you!

  4. jester, if you dont mind me asking ............. what firm is ''our'' firm ??

    you could pm me and tell me if you would not like to post in the thread

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    Yeah jester, regularly saying our firm in your posts sorta begs for the question, don't ya think??? :eek:
  6. im not begging , but i would like to know :)