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  1. alesund


    I would like two trade two accounts simultaniously . One is x times bigger than the other. The smaller one is supposed to be my baby sons account. Therefore i would like to trade my own account like i am used to and AUTOMATICALLY trade the smaller account with lets say for example 1/15 the size. How can i solve this problem ? Thanks a lot
  2. Mschlau


    Well, I suppose you could start by realizing that the optimal investment strategy for two people that vary in age, by what I would assume to be atleast 25 years, ought to be very different.

    I.E. Different risk/return objects and wildly different time horizons.

    Just a thought.
  3. alesund


    Thanks for your advice. I already bought SVM, PAAS and SLW and a good portion of physicals silver. But i would like to have a solution for the problem i have mentioned.