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    I have on occasion tried to paste a link so that a previous post can be accessed by just a click. But when I do it, the link takes us to the top of the page I want accessed.

    How do you get the exact post you want to come up without having to scroll down from the top of the page to the post you want to direct attention to???

    Thanks in advance to all you tech heads:)

  2. The trick is to get the postid of the posting. The form of a link that takes one to a particular post with the post in the window is:

    http: //

    where nnnnnn = the multidigit postid of the posting of interest.

    If the posting is very recent, then click on the poster's post count (next to the posting) and ET will do a search to show you all of their most recent posts. You can copy the link directly from there.

    If the post is very old, then you can find the postid by running a "Search" that finds that post (search using several terms that seem unique to that post) and then copy/edit the appropriate link. The adventurous can even play around with search hit links to highlight words of interest in the target post.:cool: (see this example)

    Sorry, but these are the "best" ways that I know how to do this.

    Happy linking,
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    Traden4Alpha is right on target. RS7, I just sent you an email explaining this process as well.
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    ok, great guys...thanks a lot!!!