Question - what if we DIDN'T stimulate the economy???

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Question - what if we DIDN'T stimulate the economy???

  1. Hell no, we need this stimulus to save our necks!!!

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  2. Do nothing! Let the market decide which banks, auto and other businesses survive or not

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  3. Maybe a few hundred billion, but not like THIS!!!

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  4. We should be spending MUCH more - Otherwise, we go down the toilet.

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  1. Thesis: Instead of throwing $3 trillion at the economy just because we had "to do something", what if we did nothing and let capitalism and bankruptcy work? Short, terrible, would it be better or not than running up the federal deficit so much? Or should we spend a lot less or a lot more?
  2. Think that this country is a business in itself. It too can go bankrupt. I really dont like government taking action but maybe there are times...
  3. We may never know...
  4. You are probably right.
    I think that the system has been stretched to breaking point and the under performing class (gov.) is frightened not only of major civil disturbance but that the US may fracture.
    The trick is to create a dream ... the American dream.

    You can push it, twist it, and you stretch it but you cannot break it.

    You see we must be asleep to dream.

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    I believe we will come tumbling down, depending on how much our government wastes will dictate how much longer recovery will take. Should have just let those weak banks fail last year and automakers and such this year. Rewarding those who have made their businesses cost ineffective is by far the very worst.

    There was a time for unions, but they need to make huge concessions to stay competitive, read somewhere an automaker makes $120 an hour including benefits, it is just a car. Just let them fail. The strong survive and the weak don't.

    We have so many Americans who don't care who are our politicians, don't care about the illegal aliens, don't care that China has all our factory jobs, don't care about the air, water and the streets, don't care about each other. Most spend beyond their means, have no savings, no thoughts of "what if".

    I think we at some point will have Marshall law, the banks will fail and even the good banks, people will over run them for their savings. I think we will have it worst than the 1930's, cause back then the gov't was not spending trillions. Unfortunitely, what took us out of that depression was World War II. It can come again.

    The markets will be open and go sideways for 4-7 years, there are more millionaires that come out of a depression than a bull market, but one has to be prepared, be frugal. Real estate in several years is going to be incredible cheap, but banks will not give any home loans.

    Perhaps soon Americans will start making a stand to oust the illegals, that free trade is not free, that there is no pork on the dinning room table and better not be any in Congress, that prisoners have it too easy-have them pick the crops
  6. We are at a point of no return. Gota try anything
  7. doing sometthing right now, is far better then just sitting back
  8. 1. Its a smoke screen to push "Socalist agenda" period.

    2. It is not stimulating the economy, will not sitmulate the economy and it's a shot in the dark to even think it will stimulate the economy. SWF's poored trillions into our Banking System a year before the Crash. Bush pumped in 700 billion and now Obama. And the market is down almost 50%, the economy is still falling, housing has yet to bottom. So, what has been stimulated?

    3. The market is reacting to the Policy. IMHO, the selling is not close to being over and when the bottom is in, its sideways for stocks.

    4. 2011 Tax hikes, 39.9% on income, 20% on capital gains, Hedgefund's to be taxed as ordinary income......will keep the US stock market at the bottom for a decade.

    5. Those who are employed now, may be safe if they are "Skilled" labor. Those outa a job now, may not find one for years.

    6. Inflation should reach the "Carter" years by 2010. This will move CPI into record levels, food, energy, durables will increase in price, cutting into the thin margins of the "middle class" who are holding on by a thin string. Obama will help push them to poverty levels.

    7. In Times like these, the Rich get Richer, the Poor stay the same and the Middle Class get destroyed. WELCOME TO SOCALISM.

  9. Hmmm, I have a choice to make. I can either

    a. Listen to Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in economics, who says the stimulus is too small; or,

    b. Listen to anonymous uncredentialed cynical crankpots on EliteTrader who grumble about the government no matter what it does.

    I'll think I'll take "a."
  10. Your problem is not in listening to those here, it's ignoring all the other Nobel Laureate economists who say the stimulus will not have any positive effect on our economy.
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