Question - USA Death Penalty

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  1. Current news story.

    "Smirnov got in a car in Surrey in early April, stopped in Seattle to buy a .40-calibre handgun and ammunition, and arrived in the Chicago area about April 9, a U.S. court heard. But before he left Canada, the 20-year-old unemployed computer technician took the unusual step of determining that Illinois had no death penalty, prosecutors said."

    The guy murdered in Illinois because they have no death penalty, but he bought the gun in Seattle. So isn't this a federal crime, since it involves two states , and the death penalty can apply?
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    Our current federal government doesn't prosecute such cases, unless the perpetrator is a Caucasian male who has assaulted either a minority and or an illegal alien.
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    LMAO opps, I mean CMAO.