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  1. For all you parents out there , I have a question. My youngest is in 6th grade, and this year and last the teachers subscribe to a program of almost no homework. I have an issue with that, and have expressed it and have gotten no where. Anyone else with kids of this age run into this and this theory of education? Hey, I admit not having to argue and battle about homework is great, but to me it seems much more wrong. I'll deal with the crap to help my kids, and I don't need to be their best friend. I'd much rather be the person that helps them be better in life than a best friend who lets things slide, and to me that is where the no homework idea is.
    I thought that is why these people get paid to teach, but in the current enviorment, you become the bad person and to me your kids may sufffer when you question this crap.
    Thanks for any input.
    If I have to I will go to Kahn academy and like sites to help my kids, but I think he should be geting all this without me having to do that.
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    You can't beat the moronic dumbing down of the system. You have to take the task on yourself. Been there, done that.The energy you expend complaining/ fighting will be better spent with your kids.Make specific times in the evening, they need rules.Try to make a game out of as much as possible, something to keep them interested.
  3. I have a daughter in 10th grade and this is the way the no homework issue seems to be playing out.

    Kids aren't using text books, if they do they can't take them home, if they have text books, they leave them in their locker and do not bring them home because the teachers do no teach from the text book.

    They teach from a "handout".

    I cannot help her with her homework because they don't follow the text. Then we are off to google.

    I think the no homework agenda follows that everything is taught in class, and use your handout for reference, ie tests and quizzes.

    Furthermore I think the no homework policy has two issues, less for the teacher to grade and do,secondly "urban" youth don't do homework. we are teaching to the lowest common denominator.

    Also, in the well funded school districts, the no homework issue is advantageous to the sports program.

    Our school has homework clubs also, along with just about a mandatory study hall for kids to do their work in school as they get in higher grades.

    Study halls are cost effective to the school district, I want my daughter to take a full load of classes and invariably the electives are filled and kids end up with study halls.

    Our school district has a HS graduation rate of 98%, so they are no slouch in the teaching dept.
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    Daytime is for learning.

    Nighttime is for sports and recreation.

    How much do you really remember from school?

    Get to the important stuff in the classroom.

    Make sure everybody "gets" it.

    Play basketball/football/volleyball at night.

    Excessive homework is a really bad thing.

    Not all parents are equal toward their childrens' development.
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  6. In class: 2+2=4.

    Homework: 2+4+2=8.

    Exam: John had 4 apples. He eats one and gives one to a friend. Calculate the Sun's mass.
  7. Public education in America has gone horrible. I remember 15 years ago I was dating a woman with 3 kids in school. The teachers would send home things to be signed but my girlfriend could not figure out what it was so she asked me. This trash was not even proper english. After 20 minutes when I figured out what it was, I asked to see the policy that we were agreeing to abide by. It did not exist.

    Several more documents came home just like it.

    And the busses, if they came at all, were normally two hours late. I was running kids to school at least a few days per week.

    And it's not just secondary school. I signed up for a class at a University. They put everything on computer. And the textbooks have been rewritten to work with a computer. It is trash. It's not even proper english, full of graphical, scientific and other mistakes. It is absolute trash. I don't know how anything is accredited and I don't understand why parents are not taking baseball bats to the heads of these public employees who propogate this trash.

    Good luck with your kid. You may want to consider home school.
  8. Exactly right. Some might think he's joking but that's how education is today. It's very sad.
  9. I got one more for ya.

    My one kid, now 24 quit school in 12th grade. She works has a house, a kid, a car, navigates the intracies of everyday life, with bank acounts, etc. She has worked since she quit school. She is on her second try in two years to get her GED.

    I suppose she can't multiply fractions and whatever other bs they require.

    Oh well....I keep asking her "who do I gotta pay off"...:D

    (C'mon, ain't that what a good dad does?)...:cool: