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    I have decided to trade the YM to avoid all the PDT crap and stock vulnerabilities. I have been watching and doing an occasional sim trade for a few months, but since my account is relatively small right now (for safety reasons), I am curious as to what type of slippage you might be experiencing during these 300 pt or more days. I know I am missing great opportunities, but having taken a large loss on a 1000 lot in the cubes some time back, (couldn't get filled during a monster selloff), I am a little gun shy. Are slippages in high volatility within a point or two, or tens? Any problems getting in and out during RTH with 1 or 2 contracts? I don't want slippage to exceed my actual risk per play.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. almost 0 slippage with two contracts in a fast market.
  3. I've actully found 2-5 point slippage in fast or slow out with 2 or more contracts...even got this kind of slippage with 1 will notice at slow times the YM can have a 2-5 point spread even during RTH
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    Thanks for your replies. I can live with 2-5 point spread or slippage. Can't go much beyond that. Guess that will keep me out of the after hours game. Don't want to miss all this volatility.
  5. I always enter on limit with YM so no slippage there. YM fills limits with ease!

    stops on 2 cars I regularly see 1-2 ticks slippage - fast markets I have seen 3-5 ticks.

    If you want to use market orders I suggest ES - it tracks the same as YM, and you rarely see slippage up to 25-100 cars. :D
  6. Anyone find the dow minis a tad bit illquid today?! I cant even imagine how the Obama/Pelosi Transaction tax will literally kill most of the liquidity across the board.
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    Catching a bid now. Minutes out later
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    Looked pretty "normal" to me, bro. +360K vol.
  9. Hi,
    could somebody let me know what the symbol would be for YM on Interactive Brokers please ?

    Also if you don't mind, what would you say a fair "wiggle room" would be on say a 5 min time frame - guess that makes it a how long a piece of string is, sorry.

    Thank you in advance
  10. YM *is* the symbol.

    As far as wiggle room is concerned, it totally totally depends on what kind of trading you're doing. That said, the ATR is a fair measure of how volatile price action is for anything. The ATR for 5 minute YM can be 50-60 ticks during regular market hours. You could theoretically use some multiple of this for placing your stop.
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