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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tamvik, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. tamvik


    Is it possible to write a program in VB version 3.0 to atach it
    to TWS at IB and store the trades, bid, ask, volume etc___
    then play it back in slow motion later after trading is over.

    Also is it possible to do charting with VB?

  2. TGregg



    Oh, VB3? Hmmmm. That's a tough call. VB3 is from what, 1993? TWS does DDE, but I'm not sure that will work with VB3's DDE.
  3. If you are really interested in capturing realtime market data with VB, I would suggest you look at the mytrack sdk. There is a VB OCX control you can use. Go to and click SDK on the left.

    With regard to charting, you will need to use a third party charting control if you are serious about it. makes a really good one.

    Let me know if you need anything further.

    edit: oops... I just noticed the VB3 thing myself. you will need to upgrade your VB to do anything worthwhile.
  4. OHLC


    This is possible with VB3 (storing/charting).
    This said, accessing the API might be much more appropriate for your needs, and result in a more stable product. So, VB5 or higher would be better...

  5. I think to remember that VB3 use VBX, and IB is a OCX control, not compatible, you have to use a later VB version for it. Alternative, you can use DDE of VB3, compatible with TWS, but you loss a little bit of control over the system.
  6. DEM


    Charting can be done with a simple Image-Control...

    have a look at, its all done in VB 6
  7. tamvik


    Many thanks for your reply's everybody.

    The reason for VB3 I bought it in 1994, played with it for 3-4
    month and that was it.
    I figured since I have, I will try to learn on it and if I can grasp
    programing then I can always upgrade.

    Did I miss it, or nobody veryfied about storing and playing
    back in slow motion part.

    Thanks again
  8. Bob111


    go get kazaa and download VB 6 from it. you dont have to spend anything, but little your time. play with it. go to yahoo group and find TWSAPI group or something like that. there is many examples how to work with IB API. if you stuck on your project somewhere- there is enough people to help you. if you think to store and work with data from IB you also may need some sort of database. Access will work fine. get latest MS Office from kazaa. Access is part of it. use timer, to get data from database in slow motion))))))))) i dont know, why you need this, but if it work for you-not so hard to do. the only question i have-what you going to do with those numbers? you have to display them somehow. you need to build a chart also.

    good luck
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  10. tamvik


    The reason for playing back in slow motion is that I can
    observe what is going with bids, asks, and executions
    at critical points S/R etc.
    Then write a program to alert a specific action.

    Just an idea I dont know if it will do me any good.

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