Question to the makers of QT

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DonDinero, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Why each time the price of my stocks go up or down, does the symbol move up or down my list...? in my list IBM is at the top, once the price move, it ends up in the 5th column, it does not stay in one solid column.
  2. Don,

    You have QT set to sort by some column that is changing with each quote, which is why you are seeing the rows move. In QT you can set the sort order by clicking on the column header. You can right click on the portfolio and select the option to turn off sorting.

    Also, if you click on a column header once, it sets the sort order on that column to be Ascending. Click again and it reverses the sort order. Click 3rd time, and it turns sorting off. So you can click on any column 3 times to turn the sort off as well

    Jerry Medved
  3. Thanks Jerry, I just went to get a glass of water, and there you were with the answer...pretty quick
    Thanks again..