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  1. I am going to write a profitable trading bot.

    Yeah i know i said a mouthfull didint i, but i am prepared to dedicate many years of my life to this if necessary.
    Thats why i figured first of all i need to know what i am up against. Im not asking how you do it but rather who are you?; how intelligent are you/how much schooling did you do; how old are you/how long you been doin this;

    Does your software use crazy ass multilayer neural networks that take months to program and train or do you just buy when x indicator does this and sell when y indicator does that?

    (nice chance to brag/tell life's story)
  2. - Very intelligent :). At least I think I am
    - 3 Bachelors (Math, Physics and Computer Science), 1 minor in Chemistry and 1 Masters in Computer Science
    - ~30 years old
    - First trade ever 4 years ago. Become consistently profitable 4-5 months later. Fully automated for at least 2 years now
    - Use "SIMPLE ass" neural network, self adaptable software. Wrote everything from scratch in C#
    - Started with $50K investment. I am in the low 7 digits now.

    Enough bragging now... Oh wait, I forget to tell I have a HOT Czech girlfriend too :))

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    were can i find a hot Czech girl? I have been doing good trading the few years.
  4. How intelligent? Intelligent enough to hire someone else to convert my manual trade systems to full autotrade. Years to learn?? Not me. Time is money and life is short. Why learn a new skillset when there are lots of great programmers out there.
  5. regardless of whether you hired someone or not i am still interested in the answers to those questions (and anything else of wisdom you would have for a novice)
  6. I defiantly break the elite trader type! Special Ed High School drop out, did not know how to read or do math as a teen. Picked up everything on my own. I could fix or design just about anything, and scored an 89 the first time around on my Series 7. Worked prop for 5 yrs and have been writing EL code for about 2 years.

    As for systems the golden rule is define the trend before anything else. All indicators work in the proper environment! So when X’s criteria is met you better make sure that is the type of market it is designed for…… Yes there are multi layers for trend and multi layers to confirm the timing signals! It is all based on order flow and interpreting the type of buying or selling you are dealing with at the moment.

    One last thing. If you don’t know how to read the tape then designing a system is almost impossible. A system must make logical sense and be based on supply and demand.
  7. If you live in Los Altos Hills CA area I can introduce you to some. My g/f have plenty of czech friends...
  8. Not true. I don't know how to read the tape and I have no interest in learning... But again, you said "almost", so I guess I am the reason for "ALMOST impossible", not just "impossible".

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    PM me if you know any. my firm autotrades in a liquidity provider sense.
  10. Good luck fella..............this is what you are up against:

    "Trading System Lab will automatically generate excellent Trading Systems on virtually any market in approximately 20 minutes to 1 hour using a very advanced computer program known as a AIMGP (Automatic Induction of Machine Code with Genetic Programming). Creation of a Trading System within Trading System Lab is accomplished in 3 easy steps. First, a simple preprocessor is run using TradeStation™ (or any of our other data preprocessors) that automatically extracts and preprocesses the necessary data from the market you wish to work with. TSL accepts CSI, MetaStock, AIQ, TradeStation, Free YAHOO Internet data, ASCII, TXT, CSV, CompuTrac, DowJones, FutureSource, TeleChart2000v3, TechTools, Yahoo Finance, XML, Binary and Yahoo Streaming data sources. Second, the Trading System Generator (GP) is run for about 20 minutes to 1 hour to evolve a new Trading System. Third, the evolved Trading System is formatted to produce new Trading System signals from within TradeStation™. The Trading System may then be manually traded, traded through a broker, or automatically traded. You may create the Trading System yourself or we can do it for you. Then, either you or your broker may trade the system either manually or automatically. "
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