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  1. Hey for those who were around back in the 70's and 80's I was wondering how stocks were perceived before the secular bull that started in 1982. What kind of environment
    were investors facing in the late 70's?
    How would you charecterize sentiment back then?

    What about 1987-88? I read in Market Wizards, many were bearish, Jim rogers among others. There were talks of a collapse of the financial system, unsustainable deficit, dollar going down the drain ... Sounds a lot like ... today actually!
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    You are fire;
    You actually believe the banking system is close to collapse?????;
    sounds more like mainsteream media garbage on a slow news day,have heard garbage like that ever since 1973-74.

    Would exspect banks to own more real estate & repo plastic credit cards than they want ,before its over.

    Citicorp stock had about 7 down lean years during the 1970s; down to $00.24;:D .But many banks did well, including Dads bank.

    GE had up year in 87,88 ;
    2 down years, 2 flat,rest of 70s were up.
    Open ,Closing, prices tell it all.
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    When I came to the U.S. in 1987, Japan was about to takeover America.:D