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  2. A single post with a quote from Livermore does not make a trading thread. It's just a quote, and it has no discussion point or commentary to provoke others to answer or chime in. It's making conversation, or "chit-chat".

    The second post you link to was just one of twenty-two threads on the exact same topic that I've had to move or delete in the past 24 hours.

    "Market is going up" or "sell now cause it's tanking" is not sufficient for the trading forum. Sorry.
  3. Whew! Now I know I made the right call! :D
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    Why doesn't a Livermore quote make a trading thread? The guy is a trader, the quote is about trading - bull markets, to be specific, several of which are occuring right now. Since there have been literally dozens of threads trying to top-pick oil and grains recently, pointing out a legendary trader's view on how to trade bull markets is *extremely* relevant to trading.

    The second post was again about trading. It contained relevant information such as the link between sentiment and market trends/bottoms, and an accurate observation on the current major trend in the market. If someone makes a solid post about the market, the fact that other people may have posted garbage about it should not mean that the good post gets removed.

    You also provided no explanation of why the posts were removed, either via PM or in the thread.

    You have stepped over the line of moderation, in my opinion, by removing relevant trading posts from a trading forum. Your personal opinion is *not* the standard for what may or may not turn into a useful trading thread.

    Is ETs policy now that anything containing an opinion about the market is no longer trading-related, and is to be relegated to chit chat? If so, I can cite you the entire first page of the trading forum - pretty much every post there is a market opinion. The idea that you can discuss trading without having market opinions, or that posting a market opinion is somehow not a valid trading discussion, is rather far-fetched.
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    Re-reading this makes me realise what a strange statement it is. Since when do trading quotes by legendary traders, that are applicable to the current market state, not provoke discussion or commentary? There is an entire thread on ET dedicated to trading quotes, which reached dozens of pages and is one of the best threads on here. Many websites, trading books, and professional traders cite quotes from other traders to make points, or stimulate thinking or debate amongst their colleagues, listeners, readers, clients or whoever. What makes you think that people would not want to know Livermore's view on trading bull markets, when half of ET has been tying themselves in knots over the last few months trying to top-pick energy and grains?

    I find this view of yours bizarre. Trading quotes from renowned traders are not relevant to trading? Then what is?
  6. oh i can tell you what is trading garbage by jack hershey thats all the mods on this board care about protecting.

    mark brown
  7. While I applaud you for doing your small part to clean up the bs here, IMO these two threads are an example of over zealous moderation. Cutten presented the case as to why the Livermore quote was appropriate for the Trading forum but I'm stumped at your problem with "Too many looking for the bottom". Unless the OP is starting repeated threads on the same subject then what's the issue?

    There's so much stupidity here-and don't take this critique personally- but some the biggest horseshit are the the numerous threads on oils rumored "manipulation" , threads whose faulty premise you seemingly agree with.
  8. Because that's exactly what happened, Pabst.

    I do not agree with those either. But they are not in the trading forum, so I can do nothing about them. A different moderator has those. There have been several duplicate ones that appeared in the "Trading" forum as well, from the same starter. And they were removed as well.

    You can form your opinions all you like, but I do the best I can. And I do my best to respond to your concerns, but I'm not superman and there will always be someone with a complaint.
  9. Thanks for the response and as you know I'm someone who enjoys and appreciates your presence.

    Let me just add though: If Cutten posts something it's worth reading.
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