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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dima777, Sep 21, 2012.

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    I will be happy if you can help me with this. I wonder what are the most lucrative ways to generate the revenue for an educational forex website?. I have a few thousand unique views each month and I would like to build on that. I need to build a steady cash flow with the target of 1000$ per month.

    I wonder what do you think can be the best way to achieve this?

    Maybe you can recommend some high-converting forex programmes?

    What do you think of AVAFX?

    Can one realistically expect to earn a few hundred $ per month using the Google Ad Sense for Forex with about 15,000 page views per month?

    If you have experience working with any forex partners please do share your experience,

    That will be so much appreciated!!!
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  3. dima777


    I wonder if anyone has heard about the FXCASH.COM?
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    1000 unique visitors per month is very low IMO. And you've got to have some interesting unique product or service to sell, not just another banner everyone sees everywhere and has immunity for. :)
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    I tried to check fxcash but it seems that they done't have live chat support. [​IMG]