Question to Don

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by JetlandTom, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. My last question apparently got deleted and my account was banned.

    Don, my question is why do you go around claiming that traders risk your and Bob Bright's capital? Your traders put up their own capital and if they lose any money it comes out of their pockets.

    You talk about taking the risk. But, the risk you take is no different then any other direct access broker. The only risk you take is that your risk software doesn't shut down a trader fast enough.

    How can you reconcile your claims that traders risk your capital when they, in fact, risk their own capital? I know you have started in the last year to offer a new pilot program, and I am not referring to that.

    Don, you may be a good broker and one that I will consider. But, you do not operate what most would consider the true prop firm model.

    Broker Don, just answer me these 3 questions

    1. If I lose 5k in my account does it come out of my or firm capital?
    2. If it comes out of my capital then why do you go around claiming that you risk your capital?
    3. Is it not true that the only real risk you take is similar to most direct access firms, that a trader could put on a too big position because of your errors in your risk control?