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  1. Don, are you subject to any government regulation subjecting you to some sort of watch dog group or office that monitors the integrity of your oversight of this forum. I feel that I had a pertinent thread that was unfairly taken down and I feel that there may be some collusive forces at work. Do I have any legal recourse here or do you and et have complete say as to what is and is not permissable regardless of its validity, purpose and pertinence?
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    Is this your internet site?


    Therefore, if someone doesn't like your threads, they will take them down. If you have a problem with that, create your own site and blog your problems there.

    Otherwise, try to stay within some parameters of normalcy.

    ALSO, if you have to start 4 dfferent threads on same damn topic, you're not gonna be around here for too long. Banned, think its the word.
    Just try to behave for f**** sake.
  3. I feel that I brought up a relevant issue regarding my time and experiences at etg, stuff that the public needed to hear. experiences that I will not see another person go through. and it was taken down. I asked if there is any government fucking oversight here and I have not received an answer. schizophrenics should be delivered their capital accounts from firms like etg with out the intentional infliction of emotional distress. I want to know what factored into their decision to take down the thread, and is this a forum where people can monitor and supress freedom of speech. that is what this is about. freedom of speech.
  4. Freedom of speach may not be impeeded by the government. That's the deal. Private operations - which this site most certainly is - can do whatever sensoring they like.
  5. well if there is inappropriate sensoring, or the posts are sensored to reach a certain goal - maybe people should be aware of that.