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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by _Tree_, Feb 23, 2009.

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    I was just wondering Don, are you worried about this transaction bill being passed?

  2. I hear an amendment excluding opening orders (long only) will be proposed.
  3. I've commented before on this that I just can't see how Exchange Members, Market makers, Specialists, and professional traders (who pay exchange fees etc.) would be included in this proposal. If they were, the liquidity would dry up and there would be basically no trading whatsoever. The exchanges would have to close, and all the broker/ banks would be out of business. Talk about a Muliti Trillion dollar meltdown.....I just don't see it.

  4. It seems just as odd that Joe Sixback Trader would be hit either. If the point is to cover the cost of TARP, then it certainly wasn't the little daytrader who caused the problem.
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    Thanks, that's a sigh of relieve!
    Not really sure why it is, I'm mean afterall I don't even make $ trading
  6. LOL....yeah, well, that's one way to look at it, LOL.

    No one knows for sure what our Gov't is doing these days. No "Right" or "Left" - just "Huh?" is all I can say these days.

    Anyway, let's hope for the best...

  7. "hope" key word in your thinking

    let's 'hope' america will not kill another million people or let's hope the ruling class will not rob the masses by another $trillion or 5 trillion.
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    No, that is exactly who they would target. Duh!

  9. You excluded "retail traders".

    Do you see the transaction tax being put on them?
  10. You know, that's my whole problem with the entire concept. Trying to "stimulate" investment by such an onerous tax? 10,000 of a $50 stock = $500,000 x .0025 = $1250 gotta be kidding me. Now, a few BPS on transaction costs, well, although not great, much more tolerable.

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