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  1. I have two question for you:

    If I trade through Sierra Chart with the CQG data feed, may I have:

    1) a second login for CQG trader in case Sierra went down?
    If yes it's free, or I have to pay the second login?

    2) Can I use the App (android) CQG MOBILE to place orders?

    Thank you
  2. Why don't you ask here ?
  3. Why? This is not a question that regards Sierra Chart
  4. There is SierraChart users who are using CQG connections in different kind of situations. They have the same setup.

    I have found SierraChart support very helpful in many situations.


    I am with AMP so in my case I am able to connect directly to the CQG using their WEB UI if SierraChart is in problems ( But I cannot connect both at the same time of course.
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  5. Thanks

    When you connect here ( you use different user and password?
  6. No. The same what is used for the data source in SierraChart. SierraChart itself has it's own username & password which are different.
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    Great. We have many customers using Sierra Chart.

    Here is an article with details on Sierra Chart (pricing) versions available at AMP - Package 3 is FREE (No Monthly Fee) or Package 5 is Discounted price ($25 per month) for AMP Customers: