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  1. Impressive results. We've done 300% in one month, but that's at a much higher risk than I prefer to run. It is exciting though.

    My question to you is this. Why would you sell that? The systems I run are not public and will never be made public.
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    Interesting comments about MT4 and InterbankFX. I, like the original poster, am looking extensivly into opening a Forex account. I have it narrowed down to 2 possibilities.

    1.) (Metatrader 4 with InterbankFX). The one thing holding me back from this settup are the comments about how bad their backtester is. It looks as though actually running their "Expert Advisor" autotrade program usually works good. (I see there were some big problems in July though.)

    2.) (Neoticker with MB Trading). This looks like a great platform with solid backtesting capability, BUT, I can't find hardly any feedback on MB Trading. As you know, one needs to be careful when finding a Forex broker.

    Any thoughts? :) after all, I might be missing something.
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    i output raw data to a .csv file, open it in excel and apply a backtesting template, it takes no longer than any other data input/output format - in my experience, excel is very fast for up to 15K-25K rows of data; enough for a few years of intraday or more than a few years of daily data on a single contract; or i have also used it for both daily and intraday data on a basket of a few hundred stock tickers; within these limits, i believe it performs faster for optimization / scenario analysis than any standard charting platform which has to run through bar-by-bar processing - when you go over around 25K rows, excel slows down significantly and becomes pretty much useless in terms of processing speed.
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  4. I write my own software. I think it helps to write my own software. I can write code for different systems or to handle various needs.
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  5. IBFX is ok, but I must add that I added something like 300 lines of code to deal with IBFx's screwups in all of my EA's. Like streaming data an hour ahead of trading or server problems where your platform gets logged out and doesn't log back in. After burning out multiple accounts a year or so ago I wrote software just to combat this one aspect.

    With all of that being said IBFX they offer lot granularity down to the hundredth of a lot which is great for increasing lot sizes in EA's that manage your money. They allow hedging. There is no FIFO clause. There are quite a few benefits to trading with them, but be careful. All of those benefits can bite you in the butt with one of their "issues".

    Something that I think you're missing about IBFX and their "expert advisor autotrade program" is that IBFX doesn't have some program to trade for you. IBFX offers Metatrader 4. Now an "expert advisor" is a program in itself. It is run from within Metatrader 4 and trades for you. Hope that clears it up.
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  6. dear ,
    i want to develop my own strategy to implement in the MT5 ..can u please help me out the whether any platform which supports the javascript coding other than .NET .
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