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    I have a friend who trades at a prop firm and he has a whole bunch of sec fees on his daily statements.
    I trade at IB and I don't see those sec fees on my statement.

    My question is if he has to pay sec fees because he's at a prop firm, or is it because he trades listed and i trade nasdaq, or is it because IB includes sec fees in their commission?

  2. ib includes sec fee's in there commissions but who wouldn't charging an outrageous 1 cent. anyone who pays over .005 a share is getting ripped off but i guess if you trde 5k or less a day no big deal
  3. Yes, all us happy IB customers are dumb compared to you.
  4. Hey he gave the guy a fair honest answer. I pay a third of what you do so I will agree you are dumb. I think he is one of the nicer guys on here even. It comes down to what kind of volume you trade and what you need for that volume style. The free data IB gives you is like piss next to professional software. IB is perfect for a guy who wants to trade a lot of world markets and do 100,000 shares a month on US stocks.
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  8. SEC fee is a ratio of price of the stock. SEC changes it every now & then. higher price of the stock will result in higher SEC fee.

    i believe SEC is fee is charged on selling of both NAZ & NYSE stocks.
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