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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by mahras2, Aug 3, 2006.

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    I am trying to upload some datafiles into Neuroshell but having some trouble. I have data in ASCII (*csv) format but for some reason Neuroshell is not recognizing the format. The data is set up as:

    Date Hour Open High Low Close Volume

    I have also attached a sample of the data to this post (In excel format however). How exactly should I format or setup the data so that its recognized?

  2. Ward's tech support is good. Go to log in with your serial number and ask them in the forum, or send an email to tech support. They will give you precise details.

  3. I have no problem loading csv files.

    1. Be sure that the file name is ".csv" not ".xls"

    2. NST may not recognize the name "hour". I use the name "time".

    3. I’m too lazy to look it up in help be maybe there’s problem with your date format (i.e., “.” vs. “/”) but I assume that it would work.

    4. Since your time (hour) is “0:00” be sure that your session time includes that value.
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    Thanks a lot.