Question regarding 'investment advisor' status

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by Cardwizz, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. Cardwizz


    Sorry if this is in the wrong 'section' but I thought it was most fit here. Anyway, I am looking to start a website that will be offering my opinion of various stocks that trade in the U.S. markets. It is a very basic website and at the bottom of each page I have a disclaimer that states something like

    "All information contained on this site as well as in any e-mail(s) sent out to members is solely the opinion of 'Company Name' and is not intended to be used as a recommendation to buy or sell any equity"

    The catch is, I will be charging a monthly fee for access to this information.

    In doing so, do I need to become a registered investment advisor, take the Series 7, or anything of that nature? Or since I am not managing any money for 'clients' can I cover myself solely with the disclaimer?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. mikep


    I don't think pristine is registered as an RIA.
  3. Cardwizz