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    I'm wondering if there are any experienced futures options traders out there that can tell me what kind of liquidity you will get on the various index contracts eg. the e-minis. I'm wondering because I am considering a strategy that will require careful timing, but I want to make sure before I do this, that I won't have to wait 5 minutes for a fill while buying and selling options contracts. What is your average fill time when you are trading options on futures and what routes do you use?

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  2. It depends on how much you're trying to shave off the bid/ask. If you're going for "better" than midpoint, you may be in for a long wait. If you're going for worse, you may get filled quickly.

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  3. ....assuming market order
  4. basis


    Excepting technological issues, market orders are filled instantly.

    Remember, prices moving before your order arrives is a technical issue.