Question RE: Markets that trend well intraday.

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  1. I am looking for some suggestions of which markets you find trend well on an intraday basis.

    Also feel free to list any markets which do not trend well intraday.

    Thank you for your ideas.
  2. congoboy


    if you don't know, you shouldn't trade
  3. Intraday trading (daytrading) is a losing proposition.

    Please backtest any strategy before wasting your money.

  4. And your answer(s) is/are?????
  5. Apparently quite a few people "don't know" as there have been 80+ views and still no answers.

    Those with suggestions could help more than a few people.

    My reason for asking may be something other than you may think.
  6. piezoe


    Markets don't "trend well". They have days when they trend all day in one direction and days when they don't. And that's true of all markets. So your question does not make much sense in the context of markets in general.
  7. dinoman


    Please explain that to my balance sheet!

    Maybe you shouldn't knock it, because you're ill equipt to execute it?
  8. Thank pz.

    I assumed your statements were a given about the nature of markets. If they went up or down in a straight line forever, everyone would be a trader.

    It is more a question of people's opinions. What one trader says "trends well" may not be what another trader says "trends well."
    It could be a specific stock, an index, commodity, forex pair, etc.

    Please don't make this a hard question and read too much into it.
    At this point I don't even care how a trader defines "trend" or "trending."

    There are no wrong answers.
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    If you don't care what the criteria are to determine a trend and rank it's quality how are you going to know if someone gave you an intentionally bogus response?
  10. I agree with that. If you dont:
    ABX, GG as stocks. When the start they continue very often.
    Also, look at pairs, the price of one stock divided by another. You go long one and short the other.
    Examples: VLO:XOM, QQQQ:SPY, ... you can plat that with or esignal (QQQQ/SPY).
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