Question on volatility futures (VXEEM, GVZ, OVX, etc)

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  1. have they been discontinued??? anybody knows if CFE has plan to re-launch these products any time soon?
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    They all seem still alive:^VXEEM
    26.77 0.57(2.08%) Mar 9
    But for this one yahoo says historical data is not available for download.
    At google data is available:^GVZ
    CBOE Gold Volatitity Index (^GVZ) -Chicago Options
    22.31 0.76(3.29%) Mar 9^OVX&ql=0
    CBOE Crude Oil Volatility Index (^OVX) -Chicago Options
    51.74 2.30(4.26%) Mar 9

    Ask the helpdesk of your broker if they are not avail for you.
    Maybe they are in a different package than what you currently have subscribed.
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  3. I'm afraid you miss the point. I'm talking about the volatility futures, not the volatility index. Do you still see, say the VXEEM futures, still being actively traded now?
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    mea culpa ;-)

    But try to find in this Excel-list of all instruments:
    It seems that under "Futures" there is nothing more left that has "Volatility" in its title.
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  5. I met with CFE a few weeks ago. Those products weren't successful and aren't likely to return. Real-money accounts just use VIX futures as a rough & ready tail risk hedge, and haven't been interested in a more granular approach, despite CFE's marketing efforts. The current CFE offerings:
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    Have you ever traded them? Through what broker?