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  1. i just had a computer built with 512mb dual video cards and quad 4 intc chip. on one of my 20 inch dell monitors the highest resolution the video card will read is 1280x1020. my 5 year old video cards would read 1620 so i know somethings wrong in a setting as every 20 inch monitor i've ever seen goes up to 1620 resolution. how can i fix this? thanks
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    Sounds like you need to install the video drivers and reboot the computer for the new resolution to take effect.
  3. they were installed. they're double video cards and only 1 of the 2 adapters won't read it the correct resolution
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    are both video cards from the same manufacturer?
  5. That's a 20" LCD, or CRT?
  6. 20 inch lcd. wow i was on phone with nivida and the dude turned me upside downw anting me to pull out my video card and this are that. screw it i'll take it back and let the vendor figure it out.i talked to 2 reps and they were stumped and never have seen this problem
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    i bought a 24 inch screen about a month ago and it was an HP screen.Worked fine but when i set the resolution i preferred and wanted to KEEPand hit APPLY , OK. the usual drill. Upon startup HP software for the screen took it upon itself to reset the resolution over and over............THUS, i took it upon myself to take the screen back for a refund. Staples took a few minutes to find the right amount of cash .......i said whats the problem? He said everyone elses uses a credit card , ha

    The ressolution problem was the straw broke to take screen back BUT INDEED i was not happy with thre big screen at all. It was overkill for me because i prefer individual charts or order entry platform on individual screens. Thus my old screens which are in 17 and 15 inch sizes are back up and performing as good as ever.

    Screens are cheap now but those big sizes are not for me. I have 8 screens and even the 15 inch jobs when purchased were in a range from 550 to not below 400 dollars, the first LCD that i bought and still works as good as an old fashioned Chinese wife cost $1,375.00 ha

    Thanks, but no thks for the big screens . Screens do not make you a better trader. :) :p :eek:

    PS: That last comment is not meant toward any individual, just a general comment.
  8. Presuming your mobo does not have onboard video chip... and presuming it's a widescreen, not UXGA.

    Go to Display/Properties/Settings/Advanced/Monitor... you might find the "Hide modes this monitor cannot display" box checked. Uncheck it and see if you can find the 1680x1050 resolution offered.

    It's OK to run with this box unchecked... just don't choose a resolution and refresh rate beyond the monitor's capability.