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  1. So I'm demoing this software this weekend and wondering if its possible to add a specific option contract to a quote sheet?

    This is simple in IB TWS but in TOS it doesn't look possible in their Marketwatch feature or Quick Quote feature. Is this for real?

    All I need is a single line to trade off. Do I have to trade off the option chains everytime I trade something new??:confused:

    I hope I'm wrong because it would be mindboggling that a firm that specializes in options wouldn't allow you to track specific contracts outside of an option chain.

    You'd think you could just drag and drop symbols off the option chain into another window.
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    You can trade your existing option positions right off your position screen. No option chain needed. Not sure if that is what you are asking.
  3. Yes but what about a new position that you haven't taken yet?
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    Absolutely. You can trade a position right out of your order que. You can trade it off your position analyze screen. You can trade it off your quote monitor. You can trade it off of a recently filled order. You can even trade it off an alert page. Again, maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to do here.
  5. How do I load an option onto the marketwatch pg or quick quote pg? I just want to watch a few select option contracts, BEFORE I take a positon, in quote sheet without a bunch of option chains open.

    Maybe this will be obvious during trading hrs.
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    Well, I'll tell you what "I" do. Pull up a quote you want to watch. Right click on the quote. It will ask you where you want to send that quote to. You can send it to a trade grid. Which is what I like to do. You can also send it to the left hand side under the quote watch screen. I prefer the trade. The trade grid can store 8 or 12 or maybe more option quotes and their market depth from all the exchanges. You can then quickly trade right off the grid by double clicking on the bid or offer. There is actually like 10 different options it offers you when you right click on the quote and send it somewhere.
  7. ahhh ok right click. perfect thanks!:)
  8. Is there a way to increase bar thickness on the charts?
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    Yes. There is a page where you can change all that. The color background, the fonts, the thickness of the bars. Off the top of my head I can't remember where it is now. If I remember, I'll post it if someone else doesn't.
  10. there is a pg called "Appearance" under Chart Settings, but it doesn't have any control over bar thickness on it. There are options for colors though.
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