Question on Stock Selection

Discussion in 'Trading' started by speculari, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. I would like to know how other traders go about selecting potential stocks for trading throughout the day.

    Right now I am trading in-play stocks, gappers, news stories. While they tend to move well the volatilatiy is to high to trade based on lvl II/T&S action and I am limited to 100-300 share lots because they are too risky. For example I posted my blotter so far today to give an example of the type of stocks I am referring to. Are the stocks I am playing too high priced?

    I know that there are scanners out there like trade-ideas, I did a free trial but I couldn't get it to find the type of plays I want, ones with reasonable lvl II action so I can increase my share size without taking uneccessary risks.