question on option selling / mergers

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  1. Never actually done this in the real world and have read conflicting data online. Could not find definitive language either.

    But lets say you sold naked a bunch of puts at the strike of $20 with an expiration nearly 2 years from now.

    It is then announced that the company is being bought and taken private for a price of $25 per share and this deal is expected to close in 6 months, well before the expiration of your short put position.

    What happens to your position? Seems a little too good to be true that you would pocket the whole premium.
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  3. 1. Pat yourself on the back
    2. Wait until you can buy them back for .05
    3. Move on to next trade (free up your margin)
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    Similar question: what happened with RIMM options? TradeMonster paper account just sold/bought them at $0.00.
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    Rimm symbol changed to bbry. New options created that have same economics as old options.
  6. there's always the risk the deal fails, so your options might carry a value even if they are worthless intrinsically at the moment. Take your profits, move on.