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  1. I live on the desert and I watched the tapes. While i have never been to western sloped desert (with rock outcroppings) shown on tapes, It is easy to tell from the flowering ground cover what time a year it is withing a week or so. The whilte blooms are similar in Western North America from Mexico to the Yukon all of which I have seen at the time that tape could have been shot. The rainfall caused a "green up" in the tape and it only happens in the Spring. In the Fall there is no energy in the root structure of those perenials.

    Never in this time of year. Any one who has been to pakistan or Afganistan who has any biology background can nail it down in a New York minute.

    Who needs to get informed so they can date the tapes using the biology showing?
  2. How do they get these tapes in the first place?
  3. Wong Lee

    Wong Lee

    one guy hands it to one guy, another guy gives it to another guy, he sends to this guy, who gives it to that guy, then the next guy drops it off at al-jazeera or something.

    but then again, didn't some al-jazeera reporter just get busted for terrorism ties or something?

  4. i say we cut to the chase and BOMB al-jizz-eera so we don't have to listen to the ramblings of that dirty cave dwelling piker anymore...

    all he does is bolster support for bush.

    enough already.
  5. I remember one of OBL's first post-9/11 tapes had some rock in it and geologists claimed to be able to id the exact region of Afgh. where it came from. Assuming OBL has at least some paranoid/common sense, I'm sure he has been spooked into releasing images that are months old and probably shot hundreds or thousands of miles from his current location.

    You can try this link but somehow I think that they may have already thought of it. I can just imagine the Feds sitting round a table. "Geez, why didn't we think of that sooner. Thank you Grob109."
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    Between Hussein and bin Laden, it's getting to the point where authorities can't tell whether the tape was shot before or after their deaths.

    (that's a joke)