Question on learning Routing paths and subnet concepts

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by tango29, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. tango29


    Anyone have a good resource for help in understanding the concepts behind routing paths and subnets? I am trying to understand how they work for personal growth, and at the moment I am thinking I too old and stupid to understand how this works. In other words getting a bit ticked off at not having it click for me.
  2. stochastix


    think it has a lot to do with bit masks

    xor, or, not, and
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  4. tango29


    Thank you, I ended up passing the test I was working on, but it was pure luck. I will look at that page, and I found a group of You Tube videos that supposedly explains it pretty well.
    The material I first reviewed was almost useless for the test I took, but passed so I can now at least review the material at my leisure.
  5. comagnum


    For a home network VLANs (layer2) gives you more control & easier to setup - this is how it is done these days.