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  1. I am looking at the Dell 1704 monitors. For trading use, is it necessary to spend the extra $ to get the latest from Dell which has 25 ms response time/1000:1 contrast ratio? (versus the older model which has 12 ms/500:1). Can you see the difference?

    Many thanks.
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    I think you would see the difference. Of course it also depends the price difference. The best way to compare is go to a store which has both models and ask them to turn them on and check the difference. Even if they don't have the Dell brand, you can compare it in different brands.
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    I would limit myself to LCDs with DVI inputs. The new dells have them, but are a little more expensive then the analog version. I just got two for a friend, came to about $620. The DVI makes it a lot easier on the eyes, and when you sit in front of a screen for 7+ hrs a day it really helps. You will also need a DVI capable graphics card.
  4. Do the Samsung 191t's have dvi inputs?
  5. I have screens with DVI, my colleague has the same screens in analog. I must admit that i don't see any difference. So the difference is surely very small.
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    I guess it depends on your sensitivity. I am nearsighted and don't wear glasses when on the computer, so perhaps this is why. I can read book 2" in front of me, so I guess I notice the very small fluctuations in the screen.
  7. You are right spike,

    This has been pointed out many times before already. The technology crazy know-nothing crowd doesn't like to hear this and believes in the superiority of anything fed to them. Due to the discrete nature of the lcd screen rendition mechanism, the screen isn't be able to show any typical analog signal integration deterioration. Unless, something is grossly wrong with the connection in which case you wouldn't get any usable picture at all.
  8. How much are you saving? If the warranty remains the same (3 yr minimum), then I would go for the lower cost model. For trading, you will not notice the 25 ms response time and the contrast on the 500:1 is already bright enough. DVI is just a tiny tiny bit sharpers, but it is not worth the extra money for trading if you will have to go pay extra for it and get a video card to handle it.

    Good luck.
  9. I have two identical model 19" flat screens. One DVI from Matrox G200 MMS, one VGA from Nvidia MX4000. I can see no difference whatsoever. Some claim that DVI is superior on 1600x1200 and higher screens.
  10. I have dell computers with the ATI radeon 128 cards, which have 1 dvi and 1 analogue connection.

    I have bought samsung monitors through the last few years and have 191t dvi 192n analogue 910t div 912n analog - my favorite monitor of this group is the 912n. This is an analog monitor, but it also has the highest contrast ratio which has seemed to make the black backgrounds sharper, I remember returning a monitor one time because the blacks looked more muddy gray to me. So maybe a higher contrast ratio is an issue - more so than refresh speed or brightness which I have always turned down anyway.
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