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  1. I shorted Kodak at around a buck. If it files for bankruptcy or is delisted, how do I make my paper profits realized?
  2. 1) You can offset your "short" position at any time.....with a gain or loss.
    2) If a bankruptcy announcement is made, you should consider covering the position on the "expected" price decline.
    3) If EK is delisted from the NYSE and re-listed on NASDAQ, again, consider covering the position on the expected price decline.
    4) There really isn't much downside potential remaining. Let the vultures fight over the "bones". :cool:
  3. can't you indefinitely defer paying cap gains if you don't cover?
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  5. I don't know how they do it now, but back in the old days I had a bunch of clients short I forget even what it was, but it went broke and got delisted and nobody could cover. It got so bad that a notice got sent out for a class action lawsuit, and it took forever and that was a time when a lot of money was tied up when there were a lot of good opportunities that were missed.

    The pathetic thing was, the analyst who predicted the stock was on the ropes worked for Pru Bache who eventually also went broke.
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    Anyone doing a cap structure play here? Long debt, short common? Thoughts?
  7. Long debt why? The pension plan owns EK.
  8. You can write off your cap losses on your regular income up to $3000 a year and it rolls over until you have nothing to offset.
  9. well, if you live your entire life as a loser you can live tax free, which I guess is some kind of consulation for all your bad decicsions.

    But what if you guessed right and are short Kodak?
  10. Are you that dense? You would run out of capital in no time if you have have offsetting losses you carry over year over year.

    As of opening bell tomorrow he can close out his position with no problems. Stock gets delisted then it moves to the pink at which point he could still close out.
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