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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by js11222, Jun 17, 2007.

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    I have a new Dell Dimension and decided to get a second LCD monitor for it but I see only one monitor cable socket on the back panel.

    So, how does one add the second monitior? Add a second socket?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. best (of several) solutions is to add a video card; depending on the model of dimension you picked up, the on-board video is probably not that great anyway. Assuming you are using this for trading and general business, Something along the line of an nvidia 7600 series will treat you well, come with dual DVI (or analog) ports, for well under a hundred bucks…
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'll have a video card installed since I don't know how to do it myself.

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    I see in Hombre's thread that there is a way to expand the workspace into a second monitor using a splitter cable.
    This would be my preferred solution. I do not need two feeds, I just want to grow my desktop.

  5. good luck with that one... think about what a 'video splitter' does.
    It takes a single video stream and splits it into two, pushing the same identical stream to two monitors. These are good for things like showing off presentations of the SAME thing in a large room, etc... Also - you get what you pay for; a $2.00 splitter will reduce video quality as well...Save yourself a LOT of aggravation and frustration and spend $50 bucks on something that was designed to do what you want to accomplish....

    BTW - which model dell dimension did you buy
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    E521 with extra RAM

    By the way money is not the issue. The issue is taking the PC to a repair shop in NYC which is a major hassle.

    Thanks again,

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    I did the same thing a few weeks ago...I had an old GEFORCE 5200 FX video card with only one vga out. So, I got a new video card with 2 outs (Geforce 7600 gs only $120). My two monitors worked perfectly. Then a week later I realized I wanted a third monitor (lcds are cheap these days!) So, I thought I only needed a splitter...I was wrong! So, I got another video card--this time PCI because the AGP slot was taken when I upgraded to the 7600gs. To be safe I got the same brand video card from Nvidia Geforce...just a much lower model one to hook up the third screen, which was only $45. I installed that cards display drivers and all was fine.

    Now, my triple display is sweet! I don't see how anyone can daytrade with less than 2 screens.

    In sum, you need an extra video card--Or just upgrade to a video card with 2 video outs, which will be a DVI-out and a VGA-out (and they will come with a dvi adapter!)

    Easy as pie...just open up your computer case and swap video cards...anyone can do it!
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    Thanks for the info.

  10. Pick up a PCI Express card, like this one

    I'm not promoting or advocating any manufacturer, this is just an example;

    What is your second monitor ?? (DVI or analog) if you don't know - then what make/model is it ?

    takes 5 minutes to install a card... Open the side of the case and look inside, you'll see... not as intimidating as many think
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