question on IB statement ( pics included )

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  1. hi guys,

    another noob question, as to be honest I have always calculated my gains differently then ever looking at the statement, but was just looking there tonight and noticed something I have no clue how to read it, pics below

    wondering what this catagory I highlighted in yellow, called transaction, I have no clue why it shows some of them negative. only thing I can think if it's MTM, then these options didn't expire that month ???? any clarification, thanks
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    Better to ask IB via the Message Centre. There is no column headings so really hard to know what the numbers are.
  3. Position is Mark-to-market for each position.

    Transaction is Mark-to-market for each trade.

    On your second screen shot at the far right there is a "?" mark, click that.
  4. the column in question is TRANSACTION,

    I did click he ? mark, this the third photo I supplied..

    this still doesn't make any sense, as these expired worthless so there should not be a negative number, as then total shows a lesser amount, which would be wonderful for taxes, but obviously there is a reason

    my understanding should be a simple, premium received, minus commissions equals grand total??? of course there is margin interest but it's calculated else where as I know these transactions didn't occur that high fee, it was 3,500 a month where I'm at..
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    Focus on the $1.42, instead........

    You're welcome. :D