question on express/broadband card

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by forsalenyc, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. hi, just bought a laptop.....more for a personal use than for trading. question i have is what's the difference between USB/express/PMCIA card? I'm looking to use Verizon for this. they also have plans for $39.99(50mb) or $59.99(5G of downlaods), does any know know the difference b/w these? or is there a better deal by verizon when it comes to using broadband cards? thx
  2. hmmmm.....i need help guys
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    Get the card that matches the type of slot that your laptop has. ExpressCard and PCMCIA are not the same.
  4. does '50mb of data' mean that if I surfed on the web for few minutes, i'll have hit my monthly limit? or if I get the '5G of data' plan, i can download couple of movies and whatever space exceeds 5G of data, i will be paying extra on top of $59.99?