question on Currenex and Black Box trading

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  1. what do you think is a better option for trading a black box systems (with a min 25k account) or it doesn't make a difference

    Both Option are with a 2Pip spread

    1. Trade with one liquidity provider (receiving a 2pip spread)

    2. Trade with an FCM supporting Currenex (and also paying a 2pip spread)

    in this case is there an advantage trading on Currenex?

    Will a black box model (automatic trading) give different performance if traded with the same spread in 2 different liquidity provider

    your help and answers will be greatly appreciated
  2. MetaTrader for example is available from several online fx brokers, each having slightly for the most part different quotes. Compared side by side the price bars/formations may be noticeably different and that difference affects the performance of the trading/Black Box system.

    So testing must be done prior to real trading since results will differ from broker-to-broker, feed-to-feed to the point even of the system not working. One has to then test the broker/feed and/or change the system parameters.
  3. Lets say that they have the same feed, what interests me is, if thiers a difference if one is one liquidity provider and the other is an interbank dealing platform

  4. Not sure what's meant by 'liquidity provider'.

    Online fx brokers providing MetaTrader even using the same feed can control/manipulate the data MetaTrader receives from the broker's server, hence the 'same' MetaTrader but different price data.

    Retail fx traders don't I believe have access to the data feeds the banks use.
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    There is a difference betwen liquidity providers.

    There is no one signle provider that can give 2 pip spreads on all pairs. On the majors ...perhaps ... on the non majors .... impossible.

    You can ONLY trade with an FCM supporting Currenex.... you cannot trade with Currenex directly
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