Question on Bracket Trader and Button Trader ??

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    JUst would like to hear those who have used either one or both of these. The Bracket Trader has not had any reviews for a long time and was wondering was that because no one is using it. Any views wold be greatly appreciated.
  2. I used Bracket Trader for a couple of months and it worked pretty good but then I started having some problems with it doing strange things, suddenly shutting down for reasons that I was never able to figure out. I switched to Buttontrader several months ago and have had no problems to date.
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    No experience Bracket Trader. Very happy Buttontrader user after using other front ends.
  4. Tradebolt wasn't mentioned but I'll throw it in the mix. Am just beginning to compare the three as a potential front-end to IB (if I even decide I need something beyond TWS).

    Aside from the features & functions related to automated order placement options do any of these front-end tools improve order execution once the order is triggered/clicked?

    What are they doing to improve execution speed that IB's TWS wouldn't do native already? (Let's assume an order is placed automatically from any of these applications at the same time as an order placed in TWS via a mouse click.) Maybe I'm assuming a benefit these tools don't have?
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    Front-ends aren't build to improve execution-speed (there is no difference), but to offer a better user-interface: a visible interface which gives you a faster understanding of what the market is doing, or a better manual-interface to react faster, or advanced order-management features (which manages complex trading-strategies).
  6. In my opinion there is no way you can make adjustments to tws faster than you can do it with Buttontrader. I dont know what kind of trading you do but I enter with a bracket order then make adjustments as neccessary, sometimes very rapidly and I can do all this with a click of the mouse on Buttontrader whereas it requires several motions with tws. There is no comparison, imo. As for execution time I cant see any difference.
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    I have tried about all the front ends available and Button Trader wins hands down on both features and reliability.

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    The advantage to a front-end with TradeBolt is automation. If you're running a strategy with TradeBolt against a manual system, TradeBolt will react to the market automatically based on pre-programmed decisions in the strategy. If you're trading by hand, you have to watch the market, make a decision, and click a button, which is nowhere near as fast as TradeBolt's automation.

    Manual trading with any system is going to be slower than an automated strategy. TradeBolt's manual trading takes several mouse-clicks, as does trading with IB. That said, manual trading is not what TradeBolt is about.




    buttontrader has the best trade management ideas out there.

    I have subscriptions to all of the above btw and use them.

    since I Wanted a cheaper solution I tried zeroonline,
    and some brokers did not allow bt so I used ninja

    all are nothing compared to the BT

    just from looking at the frontend you can feel it was professionally made.
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    Does ButtonTrader provide volume analysis.
    TPO ( market profile)
    Volume at bid/ask
    market delta

    Also where are the brackets held...PC,IB or exchange?
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