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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by jerryz, Jun 16, 2006.

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    Have you considered that the type of personality that made you want to become a trader is exactly the type of personality that will make you unsuccessful?

    I can give examples that will support or refute, but I don't want to infulence you. Think about it.
  2. elaborate...please.
  3. I never knew that personality had something to do with trading.

    But given it some thought... being actively participating in ET for the past few years and looking back at my own experience, most people image a successful trader's personality in a very extreme view.

    It's either they think of a successful trader as a saint-like person or a greedy self-centered person.

    What I can say now is, it's completely irrelevant. There's not even an issue of balance between "good" and "bad". Personality has nothing to do with trading successfully. Mind as well, let go of that thought and ignore it.


    I personally think it's not about "trading" but the individual's insecurity of themselves. A newbie might be working hard to make money but can't seem to. Due to the fact that they are working hard and doing what they "think" is best, when failure approaches, the newbie gets lost and get into "psychological" aspects of trading.

    True "psychological" significance lies in how they approach the market. The perspective. The process. Accepting that there is no holy grail is not a personality. Accepting that markets change is not a personality. Not accepting blindly is not a personality. Having a good day is not a personality. Getting fired from your job because you lost money is not a personality.

    If you ever think there is such a thing, I think you need to re-evaluate your thought of mind. Maybe you are missing something very significant.
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    being headstrong is one example.

    when i say personality i also mean character traits.
  5. You can say the exact same thing for anyone involved in business that either seeks to be an entrepreneur, leader or profitable in comparison to those in the same field.

    You can say the exact same thing for some individuals involved in individual sports (not team sports).

    I can name many more examples (100s) outside of trading but I don't have the time.