question of prop firm

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by robinxing, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. why prop firm setup branch in China

    and recruit chinese to trade America stocks

    not HKFE SGX STW?

    I am just curious
  2. Swifttrade and Title both Canadian prop firms do have affiliate offices in China. In fact, a lot of business is generated from that region.

    Trading liquid and high volume stocks is essential in becoming a successful scalp trader. (Scalping is the basic strategy that most prop firms use.) The US market is a great venue for this. Likewise, all the ECN's and Market Makers provide access to US

    I anticipate that in time most prop firms will eventually become active in foreign markets considering the growth in electronic exchanges.

    I also understand that apparently Asian traders are generally more successful in trading if compared to North Americans. The reason being that due to high unemployment and lack of other lucrative jobs the "patience factor"comes into play. They do have the perseverance to struggle during the 6 to 12 months learning curve that it takes to start out in the right direction.