Question: New trader + risk deposite + remote trading + leverage

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  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first post, and as such you are correct to assume I'm a relatively new trader. I have been, however, successful enough to cause me to find these forums and make this post. I'm aware the question may be ridiculous, but without any more needless words --

    Is it possible to find a firm that would give me leverage of 1:5 or 1:10 on a $5,000 risk deposit, as well as 90% or 100% return on profits?

    -- That is my question. You're welcome to make any disparaging posts -- 1:5 leverage? Ha! --, but as a question goes it is a legitimate one since /I don't know/. I do not cost much per month and therefore do not need to make very much per day or per week. I also believe I can be profitable enough to gradually eliminate the $5,000 deposit.

    Is it unrealistic?

    My goal is to remain where I am living while increasing the equity I have available to trade. The alternative is to, of course, save up money from work(ing), but nonetheless.

    Thanks, even if your post is "That is not likely." I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum.
  2. doubtful but try
  3. the chances that you could make enough to live on with 5000 are probably 500 to 1. how lucky are you? save up some more money.
  4. I have been making enough to live on comfortably with what little equity I have. I plan on coupling any earnings from trading -- or hedging any losses -- with a part-time job during the evening. If I had more equity -- leverage -- I believe I could make enough to not only pay off my very cheap rent, which is my only significant monthly bill, but I could also make enough to save money for a longer-term purpose.

    I would not trade money I could not afford to lose, of course, and consider myself pretty financially responsible or, at least, aware.

    Thanks for the reply, though.
  6. RTFM = ?

  7. Real Time Financial Management
  8. LOL....It is kinda old, I think that means they have been in business for a long time. I have heard of people making fun of it, but I guess they are more concerned with their traders and not the look of the site. It does have a great trader reports section.

  9. cstfx


    It appears that rtfm is a group within Velez capital Management. Look at their respective web pages and you will see they occupy the same suite in the same buildings on 42nd st. and in Las Vegas.

    Also they charge 250/mth for sterling when most others charge around 180.
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