Question: Linking Tradestation to my Trading software?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by B1010, Apr 19, 2007.

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    I am an equity prop trader. What widely used prop trading platforms are easily linked to Tradestation?(if any) I am trying to automate my strategy and the easiest way to do so would be find out if the Tradestation software I use for charts can be linked up with my current trading software to send the orders for execution. I currently use Tradespeed software and am having a tough time getting a straight answer from them whether or not this linkage is possible. I have a feeling its not possible or they don't want to deal with helping me. What other platforms out there will link with tradestation to accomplish this. Anvil?(Assent), Greybox?(Hold Brothers)? etc,, Thanks
  2. ???

    What do you mean by you're a prop trader, when you are talking about either Holds and Assent?

    Aren't you "thinking" of going prop.?

    I maybe wrong, but just talk to the IT guys at "your" firm... if you have a solid "in-house" track record with those firms, they should be able to help you.

    -Former-Andover (Assent) trader
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    I've also traded for assent about 5 years ago. I still trade prop just for a different company now. I use Tradestation software for charts only. Where I currently trade I cannot route orders from tradestation through my executtion software. I was wondering if any of the other prop companies out there have execution software that has the linkage capability. If so I will make a move to one of them with just a phone call to make going automated much easier since I am now very familiar which tradestation and tradestations backtesting features.
  5. See Nick Nazarov at Benchmarq Trading in NYC.
    They built a reliable bridge from Tradestation or Tradestation 2000i and it works.

    Otherwise, I have posed this to other prop firms in the past and got nothing more than a "huh ?" or "see our tech guys".
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    thanks. Sounds like you get the same answers that I have been receiving.
  7. The problem with a lot of the prop firms is that quite frankly they are run by a bunch of guys who act much like gangstas or hoodlums. Hi tech stuff ? - not spoken there. They've got just such a gambling permeates everything they do...and it's quite contrary to a systematic approach.
  8. The bridge at Benchmarq does not work: they tried to do it and scrapped the plan.
  9. Huh ? I was told it was operational...and that was 18 months ago. Was this for TS2000i, TS8 or both ?
    Technically, it's not that difficult, as there is a SMTP (email) "backdoor" built into Tradestation that can send messages to any socket-based SMTP server. All the trading platform needs to do is to implement one and parse the messages for orders.