Question: if we liberated Europe in WW2...

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  1. The why were my Father and other relatives, born into (1946), and lived under, and ultimately escaped from, brutal communist regimes?

    I mean, either is was a liberation or it was not? Can someone explain why North Americans has to fight and die for this? To install decades of commuist regimes in Europe?

    Why did my family have to suffer?
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    Are you educated?
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    Do they not teach world history in Canada?

    And if not, do you have access to a library or search engine?
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    One could argue that the smart one's got out.
  5. Can anyone answer my question? Either the job was done right, and millions died to liberate Europe and it was worth dying for, or?

    surely there are some level headed, logical folks who can answer this question?
  6. Well, the US did not liberate Europe from Nazism alone. USSR did sacrifice around 26 million of their folk to get the job done. Should the US have kept on fighting the communist after the capitulation of Germany? Probably not since it would not have been able to militarily defeat USSR and would surely have not stopped the Russians from taking Lisbon and London. should they have used the A bomb?
  7. Clearly a Zionist conspiracy.
  8. They had to raise you! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. It is never about freedom or liberty. Had US not stepped in, it is very likely Germany would have won and been the preeminent power of this world. Its alliance with Japan would have been even worse for US politically and militarily. So US stepped in but took its precious time to minimize casualties. The end result is US gets to be a super power and is proppelled to an artificial position in the world(and everyone else self destructs).
  10. Because they were "liberated" by totalitarian communism, and weren't resourceful enough to get in to western europe before the end of the war. Still, given the alternative of being oppressed by communists or roasted in ovens by nazis, I'd choose the former.

    No one fought WWII to liberate Europe. They fought it for their own countries to survive. This can be clearly seen from the actions of all countries involved.
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