Question....I'd like to hear what people would think is the most contrarían view right now

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  1. Just curious.. could be bitcoin, or something related to spx or even Amazon. Whatever....
  2. Vol is high and equities are cheap.
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    The most contrarian view is that the view does not matter
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    appropriately, this thread should start with the OP's list of contrarian views
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    Social unrest in the U.S. gets REAL ! Not this 1-2 night stuff, prolong destruction !

    Nah...prob not. everybody "protesting" goes home when the weed runs out and they get cold or hungry. Except, the NFL guys, their big protest stops as soon as the network cameras are off.
  6. batshit crazy views of forum posters or reasonable views held by a minority?

    market views:
    - oil is not capped at 60 by US shale
    - EURUSD will go below parity cus
    - Phillips curve works and Fed will hike the shit out of EM
    - BoJ will recognize their limits and taper
    - Holding German bunds is a good investment
    - Tesla stock is POS

    on this board:
    - Trump will make America great again
    - Fed and HFT killed trading
    - Only shills read anything other than Zerohedge
    - Shadowstats is more credible than BLS cus I check butter prices in convenience store
    - Gold standard is a viable alternative to paper money
    - Only losers make less than 30% per month
    - Selling naked puts is the only edge
    - phd quants are jealous they cannot identify shoulders and patterns on graphs
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    Yeah but at least their weed doesn't run out.
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    most contrarian view right now

    That the Fed will never really raise interest rates very much. Dream on -history shows otherwise. When a swing begins from an extreme level, it tends to swing to the opposite extreme before reversion to the means. People always think this time it will be different.

    That option trading is safer than stocks/ETFs. Retail has dived into options at an unbelievable rate. Churn on retail options accounts is significantly higher than those trading stocks & ETFs.

    That holding overnight is just to risky. You may be in the wrong business or sizing insanely to large if holding the overnight moves freak you out. If you day trade fine, but don't tell everyone the market is to risky to hold overnight when most professional traders & firms have millions to to hundreds of billions on the line- holding overnight for up to years at a time.

    That you can trade risk free - the folly of sophistication. By the time you have a so called risk free trade going you have a lot of time/effort equity invested for a dismal return that was not truly 100% risk free to begin with. Trading is the transfer of risk between buyers & sellers.

    That only Forex brokers are out to get you. All brokers are out out to get you and it goes a lot deep than payment for order flow. The CME has plenty of thievery going on - like fills more than 20 PIPs away from spot Fx on liquid symbols. The grass is not greener at the CME.
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    Yes, one the many differences !
  10. Lol at any central bank realizing Their limits! That would be my ultimate contrary view.. things like...they will audit the fed. People will all turn into anti central banks and go back to commodity money like gold or silver
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