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  1. my background is entrley in fx........i have a question regarding equities mkts......what are credits/rebates, and how do they work????
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    Rebate traders are paid for "adding liquidity" to an ECN.
    If you get hit on the bid or taken on your offer you get paid a small percentage. If you take liquidity from certain ECNs you pay a commission. Some brokers pass on these fees/rebates to the customer while some do not! In my opinion, this is perhaps the slimiest way to make a living, but some guys still do it.
  3. pardon my ignorance please
    if u make a bid or offer on your shares and someone hits them u get the percentage?????
    how much is the percentage typically?
    why is it slimey.....????
    if i understand correctly.....this is what i would functionally equate with placing an entry order and getting filled....would u say this is an accurate comparison....???
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    Here is an example of Instinet's Rebate schedule.

    Rebate per executed share of $.0020 for trades that add liquidity to the INET book.

    Charge per executed share of $.0030 for trades that remove liquidity from the INET book.
  5. do most prop shops pass that on to you???
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    Some do, but not all.