Question from a new trader anyone with experience please help me!

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by CowboyBlue, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Well i guess i have 2 questions my first one id like to ask is if anyone out there has any experience using pivot points for trading, could you please tell me your equation that you use fopr finding the pivot points and could you also tell me how you trade them, thx for the help from anyone.

    Second question like to ask is if anyone knows of a free/cheap
    stock screener which will be able to find stocks that meet my volume criteria and also had an end of the day buying spike
    (i.e. close = high)
    thx in advance for any help it is much appreciated
  2. sorry forgot to include im looking for selling spikes aswell so close equal to low would also be nice, as well as gap screening for the next daythx for the help.
  3. A lot has been posted on this subject. If you use the SEARCH engine on this site you can find even more threads and posts on this subject but the link below was one i liked...

    cj... hope this helps... :)


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  4. thx so much for pointing me in the direction in this thread, sorry im kinda new to the forum by any chance do you know anything about the stock screener I had mentioned above??
    stock screener which is cheap/free that willl lead me to stocks where
    close = high or
    close = low
    or else buying/selling spikes
    thx in advance
  5. run a search on this site, there were a lot of threads regarding screeners with many links in them, in the "resources" forum.

    about pivot points, if you are using esignal, you have an automated formula to draw them.