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  1. I joined a service that gives out info at different times of the day but i only know when thay are sent out by checking my email . They email it and i tried to forward it to my phone but the size is too big or wrong format not sure. Is there any email service out there that when i get a new email it will send a text to my phone alerting me of a new message . My phone isa razor and apperently cant get emails only text. Any suggestions?
  2. I think some services will give you the option of receiving emails in a special text-only type of format for cell phones. You might check to see if they offer that
  3. I think Blackberry's can handle email.

  4. no i tried .these people are old school and not very computer savy . they only send out info by email
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    Outlook Express allows you to send a message when certain criteria are met on an incoming message. A least you would know something was up.

    But beware, sending to your phone is not fool proof, some times the messages get stuck and dont show up for a while. Been there, done that and it suks.

    See Message, Create Rule
  6. what is the operating system on the phone?
  7. Its tmobile . But its a regular motorola ver3 razor. They said i cant get emails on it . it has something tzones but i called tmobile a few times and the techs dont know crap . There answer was to buy a new phone and get a new contract .
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  9. Unfortunately there is no way to do what you are wanting with the phone that you have unless the service will send you text messages. Depending on who your email provider is you can use the T-Zones to manually check for emails but it's a tedious manual process.
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    Yes you can. Sign up for MS Windows Live email account (it's free). Then click options button and look for "Mobile Alerts For New Messages". Follow instructions. Period.

    Then, shutdown computer. Turn off light. Push chair away from desk. Get up. Grab phone. Walk toward door. Open door. Step outside. Close door. Walk down path. Turn Left. You're on your own from here.
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