question for wheat traders and farmers

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  1. Looking at fundamentals and technicals I see July and March Chi wheat both about to take a hit. (heavey export competition, huge winter wheat crop etc etc) I guess my question is which do you think will take the lead in "losing" which will outpace the other.
  2. If you're "that" bearish, you'd expect the March-08, old crop wheat, to fall more than the July-08, new crop wheat. Commercial users would tend to adopt a hand-to-mouth mentality with their purchases.
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    EU suspended the mandatory 10% rule.
    means that every farmer in EU states was forces to keep at least 10% of land to keep dormant (not sure of hte term in english).. anyway, that alone should make some impact..
    i would doubt that ukraine could have one more year like 2007 was... at the same time if oil stays around 100/barrel then corn, rapeseed and wheat have a pretty good floor under them for 2008.