Question for US online poker players

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  1. Since the last poker discussion I've looked at a few Online poker site - Full Tilt and Poker Stars.

    How does one go about funding from the US?

    Found a couple of sites for "funding" but they looked kinda shady. Some were almost like money laundering sites.

    What about withdrawals?

    The 2 sites claim to be able to send checks but a brief look shows many with bounced checks a waiting 2 months. Also, withdrawals seem to be capped at 2500 - 5000. How the the big winner get thier money out? $5000 per week for years?

    Any suggestions?
  2. FYI - poker discussions around here can be construed as a violation of ET's terms of service apparently. I'm not even going to bother to answer here b/c I don't want any of the mod's to think I am promoting a site or anything like that.

    Good luck in your search but go elsewhere. ET is not poker friendly.
  3. No one mentioned an ET anti poker bias on your Bodog post or any other poker post for that matter. There's always PM.

    Ah, who gives a shit ... mods can delete the thread. Thx
  4. Just telling you to get your poker info elsewhere there bud.

    Now take a breath and relax.


    A little wound up are we? Long AIG, LEH and others?

  5. trendo


    Thanks for posting that link. It has lots of good info.
  6. Nothing personal.

    Actually I'm in a state of bliss - been short the GBP/JPY since 205.44.