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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by djxput, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. djxput


    I'm looking into possiably opening a TS account.

    To be honest I mainly just want to try out and perhaps use the charting program but I wouldnt be interested in paying 250$ a month.

    So obviously the next best thing would be to open an account with them and do some trading with them to get free charting.

    My questions are:

    1. It looks like you can only open a forex or futures or stock/option account. Meaning one would have to open different account to trade those 3 different things? Sounds wierd.
    So am I correct?

    2. If the above is true I would probably just open a futures account.
    a. Is the TS brokerage still that bad (as what some of the older reviews talked about?)
    b. If I just opened a futures account with TS can I still use the software to chart stocks/options and forex in RT? and to get the historical back data also?

    3. Does TS offer charts where you can put the tick amount in? I assume all trendlines on charts are saved even when you change time-frames and close the ap down?


    Basically I'm looking to get back into trading and want to use a decent charting package. But I dont have alot of disposable income atm so I dont want to blow too much of it on a charting package.

    So I either ...
    1. Stick with my current brokerage IB and resign up with qcharts.
    2. Pay 250$+ to try out the charting aspect of TS and if I really like it open a futures account so I dont have to pay the 250$ each month (250 is too much for a charting package) - but to be honest I really dont like much else out there. TS is the only other one I'm thinking about.

    oh I forgot to ask how is TS brokerage side; I like IB where I really dont have to worry about much. No snail mail to pile up or respond too, fast executions and a decent order entry screen.

  2. djxput


    Well was hoping for some replys ...

    So I decided to sign up for a month or so of the TS charting - just to see how I like it.

    Only used it for about 2 hours so far.

    Basically what I am looking for is:

    1. A nice history or intra-day back data (more then 120 days)
    2. Nice charts that are easy to manuver and to plot trendlines
    3. The ability to chart continuous contracts and forex
    4. A few studies - nothing big

    I've used Qcharts on and off for the past 7 years. (so obviosuly I like their charting)

    But I got to say TS is the closest thing so far to QC.

    - The back data seems to be better then QC (meaning I can pull it up alot quicker and there is more of it).
    - I'm not sure how to do the charting as of yet but doesnt seem too bad so far. Still havnt even read any instructions on the program yet.
    - I see TS has hot lists too like Qcharts

    I dont know if TS can do this ... ie have a list of stocks/forex etc and where I just click on them and it brings them up. Instead of having to type their name in etc ... (edit) nm figured out how to do this.

    I notice my trendlines arnt saved ... not sure if its me or what.

    Like I said above TS is pretty close to what Qcharts is like; except for the above (but probably its because I dont know how to use the program yet).

    256$ is too pricey for me thou for a charting package - only way I would stick with TS is if I opened a account with them. So not sure if I should since I'm with IB and am happy with them.

    I dont have enough $ atm to trade 2 accounts.

    let me know what you guys think

    I do like the fact that if I did open an account with TS that I could basically get the charting for free. Where with Qcharts I would be paying 160$~ for the charting. ie They charge 50$ more for forex data. Wierd since TS is free.

    - Well I think I figured out the part about saving the 'desktop' and trendlines. Although if I open a new desktop or chart with the symbol the trendlines are gone...
  3. Surdo


    TS is $99.95 for Brokerage Customers PLUS Exchange fees.
    After 10 RT's it's free PLUS Exchange fees.
  4. EliteEd


    Not sure if you have already checked it out, but if you are graphics, Ensign puts out a very reasonable product. There will be limitations, but at half the price (with your IB feed) of TS it may be worth a try. I am currently using them both, like them both, and am trying to decide myself.
  5. djxput


    Well I have had a few more days to fool around with the program.

    The good things I have found about the program
    1. forex data is free and has some nice history to it
    2. Charts load up pretty quickly - I think alot of the back data is saved on the computer.
    3. Pretty similar to my qcharts.
    4. They have alot of features that qcharts doesnt that could be helpful

    Some things I dont like about the program.
    1. The trendline drawing is a bit cumbersome - and also when I draw a trendline they have it function like a ray - so it goes on indefinately from where I start the line. This doesnt appeal to me since I am a trendline fanatic.
    2. Charts dont look as pretty as my Qcharts ones did.

    I've been scouring the forums here on info about TS and their brokerage. /

    Seems like most people dont like the brokerage side of it and sometimes the charting can have issues.

    So while this is one of the better charting programs I have used I think I will have to cancel my program subscription and resign up with Qcharts (was trying to decide between the 2).

    Reasons for :
    1. 250$ is just too much for me to pay for a charting package.
    2. So while I could open a new TS brokerage account(and save the charting fees); I really only have the funds atm to keep one account going; my IB account or TS. And personally I like IB - I can trade stocks/options/forex/futures etc with my IB account and I can only trade futures with TS (unless I open mutiple accounts).

    So if I ever decide to drop Qcharts from my top contender for a charting program then TS is my #2 choice (and I've looked at a bunch).

    So after all this - does anyone know how to cancel my subscription to the charting program? On their website I see where I can add or subtract data subscriptions but not where I can cancel my program subscription.

    IMO 99$ is too much to charge for Qcharts - they really dont have alot to offer compared to other programs - but their charting keeps bringing me back. If the program was only 50-60$ or their was some vast improvment I dont think I would find myself seaching for a better alternative.